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Poor customer relationship management.

Customer relationship management is the most essential part of business development. Unfortunately, this is also the most common problem. Lack of proper CRM tools makes it impossible to have a strong business to customer relationship.

No End-to-end Business Process Automation.

Lack of business process automation is a huge roadblock in most organizations. Several areas of business operations can be optimized and automated to minimize chances of human error. Lack of business process automation not only results in inefficiency but also is waste of the most valuable resource, time.

Lack of Real-time Reporting.

Preparing reports using data periodically is old school now, which unfortunately is still the common occurrence in most organizations that experience a “pause” in growth.


Having to prepare reports repeatedly every time the data is updated is a hassle and waste of time.
Real-time reporting is mandatory to ensure that the top-level management is always aware of business performance.

Poor Statutory Compliance Checks.

Absence of proper compliance checks is a huge roadblock. Chances of errors or oversights increase. Ensuring compliance manually having a check list is different and having those compliance checks integrated into the system is completely different.

Ineffective Decision Making.

A major roadblock to business growth is the decisions that shape it. Ineffective decision making is not a question mark on the abilities of top-level management, but it is lacking in the quality of information provided upon, which decision making is based. Being able to pull out meaningful information from organizational data is the real challenge.

Rigid to adapt to changes in legal & technological environment.

Inability to be adaptive to the ever-changing technological and legal environment is major problem. If not stay updated with the latest technology, the business starts losing market share. However, the inability to adapt and comply with the latest rules and regulations being enforced may even result in cancellation of license to operate. Both these make up the biggest roadblock in business operations and growth.