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Integration with different CRM tools.

We can provide integration with wide range of CRM tools to help enhance customer relationship management and enabling business to better manage its customers’ needs. We already have integrated Hubspot, the most popular and widely used CRM tool in businesses.

System Checks Ensuring Smooth Operation.

Several built-in system compliance checks ensure that each step has met all legal requirements before the process moves on the next step.

Built-in Feature to Automate Emailing and Documentation Handling.

End-to-end business process automation enables numerous tasks to be handled by the product alone, without the need of monitoring. Dispatching emails on different steps of the process, sending SMS, etc, all can be setup within the product to ensure all important emails are always dispatched.


Having to prepare reports repeatedly every time the data is updated is a hassle and waste of time.
Real-time reporting is mandatory to ensure that the top-level management is always aware of business performance.

Smooth Flow of Information with Add-on Insurance & Finance providers.

Extremely user-friendly and simple interface makes it easier to use. All information is smoothly flowing to the relevant parties via various system checks that ensure that everyone is provided with the required information in a timely manner.

Business Performance Management to Assist in Decision Making.

Real-time reporting and advance business performance management tools help provide sufficient information for top-level management to make effective decisions. The KPIs of the business can be measured and are monitored by the product and trends can be produced with real-time data to assist in decision making.

Provide data-bridging to eradicate duplicate data entry in each system.

Our product is not only efficient, reliable and secure, but also smart in many ways. Duplicate entries are restricted, and any duplicate entries found while data-bridging are automatically eradicated. This ensures that organizational data is accurate and free from any human errors.

Provide easy integration with 3rd party services.

Built on industry standards makes our product easy to integrate with 3rd party services via API calls. Several services are already integrated that make life much easier for the user. The API calls are secured and have strict authentication and validation process before entertaining any incoming request. It reduces hassle of logging and running different services to get desired data, and also drastically reduces the time taken to complete tasks.